Cathy’s Story

Our 27-year-old twin sons, Sam and Adam, have autism. Adam has language but is very limited conversationally. He usually has a sweet demeanor and a very childlike way about him. However, he also has a history of difficult behavior. His tantrums range from kicking and crying, to pushing and throwing. As he gets older, the tantrums have gotten more intense and tend to be limited to the workplace or the DART Paratransit bus. The hardest part of these “blips” is that Adam can’t tell us what’s wrong., and what don’t what prompts him.
In April of 2018, he had a very bad spell. His behavior was out of control. We had discussed medical marijuana with his neurologist before, and decided it was time to try it. He currently takes Risperidal, Paxil, and Ritalin. Our doctor wrote for the certification and is in full support, but admittedly knows very little about it. He, like us, is just praying this will help.
Enter the Tuttlemans. A mutual friend connected me with David, as he knew he was very knowledgeable. David quickly connected me to his son, Max. Max has truly been a Godsend. This new world has me feeling empowered at times, but more often at a loss. We are novices and needed to learn so much. My first two experiences at the dispensary were so odd. People are nice, but no one can give advice as to dosage, composition of CBD to THC. Nobody knows. It’s trial and error. Can you imagine the fear as a parent this evokes? It’s a helpless, desperate feeling. It’s what parents of children with autism come to know all too well.
I have never met Max in person, yet I feel like I’ve known him forever. He has been patient, kind and informative. If I call, he responds right away, starting the conversation with, “what’s going on?” with knowing concern. We had tried a composition that had too much THC, and it actually had an adverse effect. Max helped explain why and shared his own product that has helped Adam tremendously. Adam is calmer and the rough spell at work seems to be behind us.
The critical need was getting his behavior under control for work. He truly could’ve hurt someone, himself, or lost his job. The secondary benefits, however, are unbelievable. He is happier. He sat through an entire movie, quietly paying attention, and enjoyed it. We just returned from Disney World and it was a different Adam! We typically are very regimented and decided to try to lighten up and “go with the flow” this year. Adam handled it with ease. He is less anxious and that makes our entire household more pleasant.
We are so grateful to have discovered Max’s product. It’s hard to put into words how much we appreciate that Adam is able to find so much relief!!